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About Crossroads Antiracism Organizing and Training

Crossroads Antiracism Organizing and Training works to break down racism with razor-sharp analysis via workshops and consultative work.  Recognizing that racism goes beyond personal prejudice, Crossroads offers a distinctive Power Analysis of how racism functions in institutions, and offers tools to create antiracist transformation.  At Crossroads we understand that racism is a system of oppression linked to other systems of oppression that robs each of us of our full humanity and impairs our ability to create just and sustainable community with one another both locally and globally. Because we encounter racial injustice and racial disparities around every corner Crossroads is highly motivated to apply power analysis and work with “institutional perpetrators” to find solutions that will lead to social transformation.

Creating this blog is a commitment to transparency and nurturing the Crossroads learning community. It’s an invitation to Analyzing & Understanding racism today and exploring Antiracist Interventions. Clear, deep analysis of the power dynamics of white supremacy has always been key to successful, effective resistance.  It is also a commitment to the idea that it is possible to have productive conversations about race and racism which can inform, challenge, and point toward action.

The aim of this blog is to create a space where people can read and hear Crossroads’ take on current issues, find resources, and learn about the work of the organization. At Crossroads we understand that the purpose of applying the analysis is getting clarity about what is going on with systemic power, how is systemic power being used to give life to all living beings or to suck life or exploit part of the human community and/or the rest of creation for the benefit, profit, empowerment of an already powerful and unaccountable cohort.  Crossroads hopes this blog will aid our readers to use our distinctive power analysis of systemic racism as a magnifying glass to apprehend the ways racism is constituted and operates simultaneously with other forms of oppression in our society.

Scenes from Crossroads National Gathering in 2013.

Scenes from Crossroads National Gathering in 2013.

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